Select long staple cotton rises on lesser stocks

Published: Tuesday, September 11, 2007, 17:08 [IST]

Mumbai, Sep 11 (UNI) Key long staple cotton prices today rose again by Rs 300 per candy on brisk spinners demand in view of firm advice from Gujarat, Karnataka and Punjab, traders at the East India Cotton Association said.

Following are the spot cotton rates per candy (350 kg) in Rupees: Bengal Desi: 15,700, V-797: 16,200, Karnataka Jayadhar: 16,000, V-1: 17,500, Punjab J-34: 18,800, NHH-44: 18,600, LRA: 19,100, H-4: 19,800, S-6-A grade: 20,300, Bunny/Brahma: 21,200, MCU-5: 21,400, DCH-32: 22,500, 35-MM: 32,100, Hedge Contract: 20,100.


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